Frequently Asked Questions

How are the shirts printed?

There is more than one way to cook an egg and also more than one way to make the best shirts. We use multiple production methods to make everything perfect. 

Screen printing - Long lasting ink that is applied using mesh screens and pressure. This method works for all designs and can be thick and textured or thin and distressed. We prefer this method for simple one or two color designs. 

Vinyl application - Vinyl is applied using heat and pressure and can be used for almost any effect. From puffy feeling prints to shiny, metallic sheen, this method works on almost any shirt type but works best for one color prints or when we want some extra flair. 

Vintage dye sublimation - What’s more cool than taking some ink, turning it into a gas, binding it with the fiber in the shirt to get a full color design that feels soft, like it isn’t even there? Science rocks. This method works great on light colors and provides incredible detail. Even better, it offers a natural fade with the first couple washes. We love using dye sub when we have lots of color, lots of detail in a design, or want the softest touch.

What brands are used?

Simply the best! Better than all rest. But really, we do only use the best. If we wouldn’t wear it, we wouldn't sell it and we don’t think affordable has to mean cheap. Our shirts and sweatshirts are offered exclusively in a cotton and poly blend by Bella + Canvas® and Next Level. In our opinion, this is the softest, most comfortable clothing you will ever wear.

Will my shirt shrink?

Reading is good for the soul. It is also how to best know if your shirt is preshrunk or what size to pick. In most cases, our shirts are pre-shrunk and also fit true-to-size. If you prefer a more loose shirt, you may want to order up a size. 

Where are your products made?

When possible, we buy all of our shirts from Michigan based wholesalers and support local businesses. Although we do a lot of our print work in house, when we call on other experts, we also do so from within the sandy shores of our Great Lakes state.

Are your products ethically made? 

Although we may be working ourselves to the bone, we don’t think anyone else should be. All of our suppliers and artists are either certified as companies that are ethical, humane, and eco-friendly, or we have personally visited the production facilities to ensure they uphold our own standards.

How long does it take to get my order?

Quicker than two shakes of a stick! And by two shakes, we mean processing typically takes one to three business days and shipping takes a few more days. If you need your order quickly, there are rush shipping options available at check out. For more info, do some reading here. 

Can I place a custom order?

Do we make t-shirts?! Obviously the answer is yes. And we love that you want to make a custom order. Wanna know the price? Every order is unique and to ensure you get the best shirt at the best price in the fastest time possible, jump on over here and fill out a couple questions so one of our fantastic team members can reach out and take care of all your custom needs.

How does Onit Ink make teachers' lives better? 

We tried providing them all with apples, but that went rotten on us pretty fast. In the end, we stick with what we do best. May seem odd that a shirt can make life easier, but Onit Ink is more than just retail; we have decades of experience with custom tee shirts. We also happen to have two retired teachers as founders. What we know is that teachers and educators are best at teaching and taking care of children, not arranging fundraisers, creating shirt designs, collecting money or sorting shirts. Although we work with all sorts of businesses, educational partners are near and dear to our hearts and we specialize in providing custom shirts for schools. We do all the work so the teachers can do all the teaching. And don’t worry about costs. We will do everything we can to get the best shirt, at the lowest price so whether you need a shirt for a field trip, a fundraiser, the chess team or recycling day, we’ve got you covered. Get it? Covered? For more information, grab your apple and head on over here. 

How do you come with all your incredible designs?

We totally get want to buy everything. And we do have some of the best artists and graphic designers. On that note, all of our creative designs are handled in house. We have so much to share with you and can’t wait for you to wear whatever design makes your heart sing. Make sure to visit our website often as we are constantly launching something new, and some won’t last long.

What is your return policy?

I am sure you are wondering why anyone would want to return their Onit Ink shirt, but sometimes they pick the wrong size. It’s all good though because if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. We will always do our best to make it right. For more info on our return policy, jump on over here. 

What is design fade?

Like all good things, some must come to an end. Although, your design won’t disappear, depending on the production method, some color loss is expected and planned for when we design your shirt. For more on our production methods, see the answer to “How are your shirts printed?”

How do I know what size to order?

To fit or not to fit, that is the question. We personally wear all of our shirts and can speak from experience that they are true-to-size. It is always best to read the description of the shirt and take a look at the embedded size guide as we use the shirt that works best with the production method and design. If you like a more loose shirt we recommend going up a size.

When do you release new designs?

As the seasons change so do the shirts, but you never know when something new will pop up. And act fast! Sometimes a new design is only around for a short time and you never know when or if it will come back. To be in the know,  create an account here. 

What forms of payment do you take?

If it’s plastic, we probably take it. We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Can I buy a gift card?

For us?! You’re too kind but we just can’t accept the gift. But if you want to share some shirt love with your friends or family drop a little (or HUGE) gift card in your cart here. 

 Do you offer a subscription service?

Can you imagine the satisfaction of getting one of our shirts in the mail every month? Well, soon you can. Sign up here to stay up to date on when we launch our subscription service or when we launch special edition shirts.

Price Adjustments

We do not offer price adjustments but to show our appreciation for you patronage, we do offer a competitive rewards program. If you haven't signed up yet, click the Reward button in the lower left corner to earn your first free reward.

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